U.S. Hospitality Opportunity

The United States gets a larger share of
world international tourism dollars
than any other country in the world.

 As of 2013 The US Markets Boast:
52,887  properties with 15 or more rooms
4,926,543  guestrooms
The average room rate was $121.37 in 2015
Occupancy Rate of US Hotels was 65.1%
Revenue of US hotel industry was $163 billion
           Source: American Hotel and Lodging Assoc 

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U.S. Gaming Opportunity

The Opportunity


“There’s no escaping the hard facts that quite simply, based on the numbers,
the US economy at the present, cannot profitably support the ratio of total
gaming positions in its 1,000 casinos to the current wallets of its patrons…
That means more competition from more places for the same, or indeed less, leisure dollars.”
Quote Casino Management Review


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